Welcome to H&S Westergaard A/S

H&S Westergaard A/S was established in 1965 by Henrik Westergaard and operated in the first 40 years as a one-man business. In 2005 the company formed a corporation, which today is owned by Henrik and Søren Westergaard.
Our line of business is still the same as in 1965 – namely arrangement of pigs and livestock.

In 1972 we began the export of sows to Germany. Some years later we developed with the export of piglets. After a long period with export of piglets, sows and slaughter sows we now solely export piglets. Slaughter sows are slaughtered in our own slaughterhouse in Sevel.

H&S Westergaard A/S has today 28 employees. A great part of the employees have been working for us for many years. Therefore we feel well prepared for new challenges - both domestically and in relation to exports.

Our goal is to develop our company in line with our customers’ needs, so that we at any time can serve all sizes of farms, both in livestock- and pig production.