For many years we have exported our slaughter sows for slaughtering in Rheda. In recent years to Niebüll in Germany. In 2013 we bought 60% of Sevel Slagteri from Axzon A/S, and since then we have slaughtered them ourselves in Denmark. This has resulted in better knowledge of the sow market and more flexibility in the finishing of slaughtering.

We are able to buy slaughter sows from all over the country. The sows will be collected every week or every fortnight as desired.

We guarantee, that the Danish transport laws for cull sows will be observed. This means, that no sows will be transported more than 8 hours between stable and slaughterhouse.

The slaughtering takes place in Sevel Slagteri A/S. This slaughterhouse is, as the only privately owned slaughterhouse, member of the weight- and classification control. The slaughterhouse is Danish and QS approved.